Ama – Center for the Care of People and Nature

(original: Ама – Центар за негу човека и природе, eng: Amma)

is a non-profit civil association

for the development and implementation of innovating programs within

sustainable development, environmental protection and organic agriculture.

Major goals

Improving the quality of life in the community, educating the public in the fields of sustainable development, environmental protection, organic agriculture, and rural development.

Guiding principles

Nurturing, Creativity & Innovation, Commitment, Sustainability, Personal development

Target groups

Youth, women, urban population and rural organic producers.


  • coordinating the volunteering network on organic farms in Serbia – WWOOF Serbia
  • running the first active community garden in Serbia – Bastaliste
  • running the school garden program in Serbia – Bastaonica
  • supporting the youth and women to develop own sustainability through entrepreneurship in food production.


For more details on our work and partnership opportunities,

feel free to contact us in English.